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  • We demand a Healthy life!

    We need to be Informed!
    We vote for
    “Warning labeling on any product
    containing psychoactive substances”


we demand a Healthy Life, we want to be Informed!

Warning labelling on any product containing psychoactive substances

A psychoactive substance is defined as a chemical substance that affects brain function...

Exposure to a psychoactive substance can cause changes in the structure and functioning of neurons

The term “psychoactive substances” comprises both legal and illegal substances...

Product labelling is the main component of a comprehensive public health strategy to reduce psychoactive substances-related harm

Labelling provides a unique opportunity for governments to disseminate health promotion messages at the points of sale and consumption

Health information labels are an inexpensive tool that provides direct information on the risks associated with legal or illegal consumption

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Vote for “Warning labeling on any product containing psychoactive substances”