Orestis Giotakos graduated from the Military Medical School, University of Thessaloniki, Greece, and he has been working as a Military Psychiatrist since 1992. He obtained the M.Sc. in Neuroscience at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, and the Ph.D. at the Medical School of Athens. He has conducted several studies, and has written a number of articles and books in psychopathology and in prevention strategies. He is the founder of the NPO “Obrela – Neuroscience & Mental Health” (www.obrela.gr), the editor of the Journal “Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience & Mental Health” (www.obrela-journal.gr), and the director of the project “I care for my brain” (www.icareformybrain.org).

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In “Obrela” highly regarded researchers from the fields of neuroscience and humanities contribute to the understanding and promotion of the idea of “brain care”. Brain health is not enough for mental health, but it is definitely a prerequisite for it. The further understanding of brain function and brain disorders requires the collaboration of multiple scientific professions from the fields of neurology, psychiatry, psychology, biology, pharmacology, genetics, philosophy, advanced technology, and others.

We believe that valid information on health issues, as well as the provision of certified health services, is a fundamental right of every citizen. We therefore invite you to contribute with your suggestions, active participation and constructive evaluation, in our multidisciplinary mission and its success.