Enter our Instagram Photo Contest to win!!!

👉 Enter our Instagram Photo Contest to win!!!

1️⃣ Post a photo of a situation, of a behaviour, of an item, of a hobby, of whatever you think 

and believe that will affect anyone who will see it, to care for the health & wellness of his BRAIN.

2️⃣ Tag our instagram account i_care_for_my_brain on your photo.

3️⃣ Tag at least two friends 

4️⃣ Visit and Vote link in bio

🏆 Win the book "Emotional Brain"(Συναισθηματικός Εγκέφαλος) autographed by the author Orestis Giotakos.

Selected photos from the contest will be exhibited during the Brain Awareness Week on 

March 14-20. Best three (3) photos will earn the prize!

We are interested in neuroscience research, psychoeducation and counseling, 

through the cooperation of scientists of the fields of psychology, psychiatry,

neurology, biology, psychopharmacology, genetics, art, law and advanced technology.

We know that both legal and illegal psychoactive drugs demand caution, 

since they affect brain function, producing alterations in sensation, perception, 

mood,consciousness, cognition, and behavior.

We believe that product labelling is the main component of a comprehensive 

public health strategy, that aims to reduce, both legal and illegal, 

psychoactive substances-related harm.

We create studies, campaigns, seminars, webinars and conferences, 

supporting the idea of product labelling for all, legal or illegal, 

psychoactive substances.

We propose labelling as a unique opportunity for governments to disseminate 

health promotion messages at the points of sale and consumption.

We demand a unique warning sign on every product, indicating the presence of any psychoactive substance, 

as well as the name of this substance.

We vote for warning labeling on any product containing psychoactive substances!

Help us spread the word!!

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